How Battery Technology Will Change the World

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With the advancement in technology, we all look forward to various changes that can create a revolution. The kind of change that has the power to bring the whole world together. We all thrive for power, but we want a power that can be renewable. Renewable sources of energy are environment friendly as compared to a non-renewable source of energy. On the other hand, the energy which we used in our vehicle in the form of petrol or diesel cause environmental pollution. Not just pollution, we are pushing the environment to an edge, which causes climatic change, natural calamities, etc., which is not good.

In this chaotic face, Elon Musk came as a rescuer. He is trying to bring revolution in the industry. Our hopes are not doomed; in this blog post, we will going to put light on some of the critical aspects of battery technology.

So, buckle yourself up for an informatory ride about how battery technology is going to rule the world.

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Battery: A New Digital Age

The biggest question which must be popping in your head is how a battery is going to change the lifestyle of us. We are all dependent on petrol or diesel vehicles, and imagining our life without this seems irrational or next to impossible. So, if you’re scoffing at the idea of battery: a new digital age, then you should not be. Soon we are going to enter a world where we will put an end on petrol and diesel vehicles as they are harming our environment. We all have witnessed the natural calamities or suffering of mother earth.

Now, you must be wondering how batteries will bring the revolution. The thing which most of us love about battery technology is it is rechargeable and has a low cost. The only flaw was a short working span, but Elon musk took control in his hand about the problem. He is bringing a Li-ion battery that is comparatively large plus has a good life span. Various battery devices are rolling out, which can blow your mind. We will cast light on that too.


Li-ion or Lithium-ion batteries have the potential to store more lithium ions, and this is precisely why everybody is calling it a game-changer. There are various perks of li-ion batteries, like the energy density of such batteries are relatively high compared to other prevailing batteries in the market. The second thing which is making everybody bow to Li-ion battery is the performance, and it has fast and active performance. Another thing which is drawing attention towards Li-ion batteries is the self-discharge percentage is very low, which automatically increases its span time. Overall, we can say that it has excellent performance and a very longtime cycle which everybody is looking forward to. Not only in the vehicle industry, but it will also bring revolution in marine, railways, and aviation business too.


The Li-S or lithium-sulfur batteries used stable host structures for the charging and discharge process. It comes along with perks like energy density is very high. Even it has been said that it has four times higher energy density compared to lithium-ion batteries. The other advantages are long battery life and lower self-discharge.


Solid-state batteries are further steps in the advancement of technology. Basically, in the solid-state batteries, all the liquid electrolyte is replaced by a solid compound. Solid-state batteries have large ionic conductivity. Come to its advantage, and it has a long-lasting shelf life. Along with that, the solid-state batteries are light in weight. Now you must be wondering what makes it better than the above two. So, without any ado, we bring the reason which makes solid-state better. It has a large power-to-weight ratio, which makes it for the best match electric vehicles.

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Essential For Tesla’s Destiny Is Batteries, Not Cars

Now the real question is how Tesla’s Gigafactory will bring the revolution in the market. So before moving forward on that, let’s cast light on Tesla’s mission, which is to provide sustainable energy in the form of affordable electric vehicles and energy outputs. Tesla is bringing the li-ion batteries in markets that will enhance or change the vehicle market. As the name speaks, it is the largest battery factory in the world. The company has given a lot of thought to the future. How in future the electric vehicles are going to trend, that’s why they are planning and working round the clock for it. But if you must know their long term aim is not electric vehicles or cars, the ultimate goal is to boost the batteries market. So if you think that Tesla is the hub of car or in other words, it is car manufacturers, then you’re wrong because their long term road map involves battery. Nobody had paid that much attention when Elon Musk included the plan to make a vehicle that has zero-emission electricity in one of its interviews. He made it true. This is the reason why the company is building a large store station to store the batteries. So, it won’t be lame to say that in the coming years, we all be surrounded by automotive things. It is highly possible that electric vehicles become new normal running on the road. Along with that, you will see many other battery-operated appliances at home.

As Tesla is giving all of something which is fresh air to breathe. With the increased use of battery-operated vehicles, there will be less pollution. One of the biggest problems in the world was the pollution, and we think we have a permanent solution now in the form of Tesla. So, as published in Forbes that Tesla is not a company of cars, it is the company of batteries that is actually true.

Elon Musk intends to Remodel Battery Technology

Now come to our biggest question, which is about Elon Musk, which he was claiming from the last 12 years that he was working to give the world sustainable energy.

Actually, the major problems associated with conventional electric batteries used in electric vehicles are

Small Lifespan – The current lifespan of electric car batteries is in the range of 3 thousand to 5 thousand miles. Also, it is known that charging/discharging of these Li-ion batteries accelerates its degradation.


Higher Surface Area – The Battery packs takes the entire surface floor of a sedan like Model S.


Supply Chain Risks – Many metals used in batteries are costly rare-earth elements like Li, Co, and have a difficult extraction process, thus upping the price. Also, the mining of these elements, have a history of human rights violations, especially in Congo.


Stability – Tesla learned in their early years that Lithium and Cobalt batteries are unstable and sometimes even explode, thus putting an average passenger at risk.

Now, do you guys remember, in the movie Iron Man -1, how Tony Stark miniaturized the whole arc-reactor to fit in his chest cavity? Well, Elon Musk is the real-life Iron Man who plans to do the same with the batteries. Recently Tesla, in partnership with Dalhousie University, has developed a battery with a lifespan over a million miles! To put in a simple perspective, a Tesla sedan on these small batteries can keep running for nearly 13 years without stopping!! This is huge because some years back, this technology was considered just science fiction, but now Elon has breathed life into it. Isn’t he really like the genius, billionaire, philanthropist, playboy Tony Stark?

As far as battery stability is concerned, Tesla is focussing on methods to stabilize the cobalt-free battery reactions by using coatings, additives, etc. Elon Musk plans to minimize Cobalt usage by using other metals like Nickel and Manganese. This is a pretty revolutionary step for a cobalt addicted battery industry. This will relieve the load on cobalt supply chains mired with controversies like corruption, human rights violations, and child abuse in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Now, this stable million-mile battery just won’t reinvent the automobile industry. It will bring improvements in mobile phone batteries, space rockets, and our probability to establish life on Mars. It will also revolutionize the whole clean-green energy paradigm. Before Elon Musk, there were electric cars and batteries, but this man remodeled this package into something trendy and accepted by millennials. Elon Musk is a known risk-taker and won’t be shy from investing or inventing something that will make our life a bit easier and better.

He is doing his best, and in upcoming years we will hear a lot from Elon Musk. So, it is true in all aspects that Elon Musk intends to Remodel Battery Technology for better.

How Tesla’s battery; “Gigafactory” could transform everything?

As we said earlier, the company has the highest potential. It is collaborating with many giant companies for making a battery production facility. By doing so, they can produce large amounts of batteries. Do you know the aim was to produce the 500,000 batteries for electric vehicles by 2020? And this number would increase in the near future. This is a reason why Tesla’s Gigafactory working round the clock. They are making tie-ups with large companies so that they can manufacture more batteries. Gigafactories can change the whole automate industries. You must be thinking how? It has been claimed in the Venture Beat’s article that the company has the aim of producing more li-ion batteries by 2020. And, it is not like they are not paying attention to the environment. Elon musk’s plan was crystal clear, which is to give the world sustainable or environmentally friendly energy. For that, Gigafactory is making sure to recycle older battery packs. Not just this, they are also using wind turbines and photovoltaic panels for new energy renewables. The aim of Tesla is to offer low-cost batteries. Basically, Tesla’s Gigafactory is used to store energy. They know that in the future, the demand for electric vehicles will be high, and that time they can serve the customer’s needs without any difficulty.

Other than this, Tesla Stock is witnessing the rise because people have put their trust in the company.

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Impacts On Environment

Since the starting of this blog, we have been claiming the purpose of li-ion batteries is to give mother earth a little bit of relief from pollution. Tesla was started with the aim of providing clean energy technologies, which in no possible way, harm the environment. This is a reason why it is popular among us. And Elon Musk is known as the person who has the capability to change the world. Tesla batteries are environmentally friendly. The Co2 emission is less. This is actually why tesla batteries are called carbon neutral. Tesla has given world electric vehicles that are not harming the environment. You all are very well aware of the fact that electric cars are great for the environment than traditional gas-powered or petrol or diesel vehicles. It won’t be false to say that Tesla is making the best out of the resources. They are meeting the demands of the present without making any compromise with the resources of future generations. We are somehow saving the natural resources for the upcoming generations. Not just this, we are providing a clean and safe environment for future generations.

The use of Li-ion batteries has a great effect on the environment, and the effect we are talking about is not just good but clean and safe. Till now, all the changes that come with it are going well.


There you have it! Here in this piece, we tried to cover each and every aspect of Tesla’s Gigafactory and how battery technology has the power to change the world. We have cleared the air about Mr. Musk’s ambition, which is crystal clear from starting to give world sustainable energy. Along with that, he is offering the cheapest and environmentally-friendly electric vehicles to the world. He is trying to set up the benchmark, working towards the kind of vehicle that nobody gets tired of. An not to forget batteries are the sword of Elon Musk’s plan. This is our catch on the subject.No wonder why Tesla stock is rising.

It is very much likely that you can disagree with some of the points. So please do let us know in the comments section.

Till then, stay safe.

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